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Protect Your Paint With Vinyl Wrap

Paint Protection Film Columbus

Your car is not simply a vehicle, it is also an indicator of the status and the image of its owner—it is an investment in your lifestyle that receives protection. Without paint protection film your car paint is at risk every day. Even when your car is parked, it is not safe from scratches, scuffs, and other kinds of damage by third parties.

Our Columbus Car Wrap professionals protect your property with the help of the best paint protection films in the industry.

• Virtually invisible.

• Keeps your car’s finish in new condition for years.

• Guaranteed not to damage paint during the installation or removal.

Our paint protection film is effective against:

• Scratches, scuffs and vandalism.

• Animal or insect residue.

• Minor road damage such as tar, sand and chips from gravel and rocks.

If you rent out your vehicle, our paint protection film will ensure you have one thing less to worry about—your car paint is safe despite all the possible harmful road conditions.


Reliable and Invisible

The film provides car paint protection from any physical damage—scratches, abrasions, vandalism and so on, while being completely transparent and invisible even upon close inspection.

Works on all Paint Types

Equally reliable and invisible, both options are available when applying the film to your car. Before the actual installation our experienced installers will perfectly match the clear bra or full wrap with the exact specifics of your car.

No Maintenance

The paint protection film doesn’t require any special attention in car maintenance. You can wash the car the same way as usual. In the case of film damage, it can be easily removed leaving no trace on the car paint.