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Ceramic Coatings in Columbus

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Automotive Ceramic Coating in Columbus

Ceramic Coatings Columbus Ohio

Ceramic coatings are the new and best way to protect your vehicle.

A Ceramic Coating from Central Ohio Vinyl Wrap allows you to go years instead of weeks or months without needing any to apply any protection to your vehicle. Coatings are semi-permanent and resist breaking down over time like a traditional wax or sealant. Columbus Ceramic Coatings can be applied to many surfaces for protection on all areas of your vehicle. This includes the paint, wheels, windows, leather, carpet & upholstery.

Keep your car in top condition throughout its life and experience many other benefits as well:

Extreme gloss and depth.

Protection from UV rays.

Hydrophobic properties.

Repels 30% more dirt, dust and grime.

Etching and stain resistant.

Easy cleanings.

Low maintenance.

We offer multiple Columbus Ceramic Coating options, please contact us to schedule a vehicle inspection and quote.

Our coatings are warrantied for 5+ years. Save money by eliminating your need for regular waxing!

We use the best Ceramic Coating on the market for all of our clients and use coupon code Shinemyride20 for 20% off if you would like to apply the ceramic coating your self and save $2000. Check out Nano Ceramic Coating Here.