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Vinyl Car Wraps Columbus Ohio

More and more car enthusiasts prefer to wrap their cars in vinyl film instead of repainting, for multiple reasons. Columbus Vinyl car wraps offers many advantages over repainting:

• Give your car a new look

• Protects the original paint finish from minor damage

• Modern materials and the latest installation technologies will not damage the paint during the installation or removal of vinyl car wrap.

In addition to a wide range of colors, film makers also offer a variety of finishes from: glossy, matte, rough, textured, sparkling, and chrome-plated. Our Columbus Vinyl Car Wrap will give your car a unique and catchy look, while our experienced installers will perfectly match the vinyl film wrap to the exact specifics of your car , meeting your personal needs and preferences.

Car Wrap Instead of Repainting

Our vinyl wraps come at a reasonable cost which means you can completely transform your car with no trouble. And if you get tired of the color—simply remove the film.

Safe For All Car Paint Finishes

Innovations in vinyl wrapping technology and state-of-the-art adhesives of vinyl car wrap will leave no traces on the car body when they are removed.

Full Vinyl Car Wraps

Every body panel and exposed paint surface will get a new look with the a new car wrap. We wrap all door jambs and external elements such as handles, mirrors, spoilers, removing any parts that require extra attention. With our high-quality Columbus Car Wrap installation, the edges and the borders of the film are not visible.